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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

African buffalo is one of big 5 Africa wildlife species, book Tanzania safaris now

Big 5 Wildlife safaris Africa, learn a bit about African buffalo

African buffalo is one of big 5 Africa wildlife animals, elephants, Black Rhinoceros, Lion, and leopard are other members. African buffalo has attracted hunting safaris due to amazing trophy of big head. Usually many safari companies in Tanzania use Buffalo head as brand name for Travel Company. One big Buffalo behavior known is dangerous attacks of human being. The African buffalo are unpredictable and can be dangerous if cornered or wondered.

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There is only one species of buffalo in Africa, however have two distinct subspecies. These are large savanna buffalo and smaller forest sub species found in Central and West Africa. Both subspecies live near water bodies. Buffalo live in herds of few hundred but sometimes have been found to congregate in thousands in Serengeti during rainy season.

Game parks destinations to see African buffalo are Serengeti National Park, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Selous game reserve and Ruaha. Typical sample Tanzania safari itineraries recommended depending on budget and vacation duration are wildlife safaris Tanzania 4 days, 5 days Adventure safaris, 6 days Lodge safari and 7 days budget camping safaris. Southern circuit safaris trip of 7 days is enough for visiting Selous, Ruaha and mikumi National park. Travel deals include cheap Tanzania safaris, backpackers, joining group safaris, scheduled departure safari groups, solo traveler join groups Kilimanjaro climb and budget camping safaris.

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