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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kilimanjaro climbing facts, travel online booking deals

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Travel places things to do in Tanzania are wildlife safaris, wildlife viewing tours,kilimanjaro trekking,adventures,Tanzania wildlife safaris and climbing mount kilimanjaro travel packages.

Africa Tourist Destinations

Offers kilimanjaro climbing trips guided by professional mountain climbing guides. Tourists trekking kilimanjaro will read details of each route and then choose kilimanjaro route according to its features and elevation. Most easier route to climb kilimanjaro is Marangu and also accommodation is on Mountain huts.

First Europeans to climb kilimanjaro summit were German- Mr. Hans Meyer and was accompanied with Austrian Man called Ludwig Purtscheller. How ever Marangu route get more visitors hence become densed and also need advance booking of Huts.
Rongai route is second easiest, wilder and climb from northern Kilimanjaro. First days of trekking kilimanjaro on rongai route, accommodation is tents while last 2 days accommodation is mountain huts. So, Rongai route is best route to climb kilimanjaro for first time climbers and people who need some privacy, avoiding many people.

Machame route is more scenic beauty route climbing kilimanjaro but some how more challenging as it needs more physical exertness.

Machame route, Rongai route and Marangu route mostly need 6 days with acclimatization, how ever Marangu route can be climbed in 5 days.

Lemosho route is the Kilimanjaro trekking route which is most beauty and needs more days like 7 to 8.


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  2. Climbing Kilimanjaro does not need any technical skills or particular equipment. Though, confront can’t be taken lightly. You need to understand what lies ahead. You have a seemingly endless number of questions, so everyone should have to gather all the answer then go for a trip.
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