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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Climbing kilimanjaro machame route discount price costs

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro routes

SMART TRAVEL AFRICAN SAFARIS LTD organizes Kilimanjaro trekking trips in all Kilimanjaro climbing routes namely machame, Rongai, marangu, umbwe and Lemosho route. Climbing mount kilimanjaro trip planning is easier when you have reliable infomation from mount kilimanjaro base guides. Mount kilimanjaro climbing guides are the tour leaders who are well trained and they climb kilimanjaro weekly hence they know how to climb mount kilimanjaro successful

Machame route is one of natural trekking routes leading to Kilimanjaro summit. Machame route is scenic and has beautiful forest. Machame route also is good for acclimatization. Machame route has scenic traverse to Barafu and great overview of Shira plateau.

Climbing Kilimanjaro through is usually in 6 days, how ever some tourists add extra day to have more acclimatization time.

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Machame features include

 Highly recommended with the best success rate
 Great for acclimatization with lots of walk high, sleep low opportunities
 Challenging trek with stunning scenery through 5 diverse climatic zones from green forest, moorland, volcanic rocks, semi alpine desert and snow.
 Good opportunity to split pre-summit day climb to leave climbers rested before summiting

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Detailed itinerary of Machame route hiking up Kilimanjaro
The campsites and gates (with corresponding elevations) are as follows:

 Machame Gate (start of trek) (5718 ft/1738 m) to Machame Camp (9927 ft/3018 m)

 Machame camp to Shira Camp (12355 ft/3756 m)

 Shira Camp to Barranco Camp (13066 ft/3972 m)

 Barranco Camp to Barafu HUT (high camp before summit) (15239 ft/4633 m)

 Summit Kibo peak to Mweka Camp(descent) (10204 ft/3102 m)

 Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate (end of trek) (5423 ft/1649 m)\

NOTE: Karanga (optional camp, used by 7-day climbers)

More details on Machame route and availability, check here.

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Price cost for climbing mount kilimanjaro indication.

Machame route, Rongai route and Marangu route:

2 to 4 people = Price is 1150 US $ per person

5 to 10 people = Price is 1100 US $ per person.

Lemosho route price is as follows:

2 to 4 people price is 1670 US $ per person

5 to 10 people price is 1590 US $ per person

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    Quality travel and cheap tours in Tanzania. Tours and Travel include Tanzania wildlife safaris and climbing kilimanjaro trips.

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    Sunday, September 16, 2012

    Wilderness Safaris Africa - Russia Travel

    Luxury African Camps offer best wildlife safari experience in Tanzania.

    Travel Agents and Tour Operators from Russia are gateway to reach Russia Market.

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    Travel Agents, Tour Companies, Whole sale Tour Packages and Travel Agencies are welcome to get more information and maximum cooperation for Tourism Business Future.

    All information on Climbing mount kilimanjaro routes is available online at our website. Travel tips on planning Kilimanjaro trekking trips, budget of climbing kilimanjaro, climbing kilimanjaro gears and kilimanjaro climbing best weather.

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    On arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, JRO, Company representative will meet our guests with sign board with your names, board our vehicles and Transfer to the Tourist Hotel in Arusha and Moshi.

    In Arusha city and Moshi town, there are discount Hotels, budget hotels, country Lodges and Luxury Hotels. Coffee Lodges and Casino Hotels are also available for leisure and vacation holidays.

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    Thursday, August 2, 2012

    Photographic safaris, wildlife pictures, kilimanjaro climb photos

    Wildlife pictures, photographic safaris and kilimanjaro climb photos

    Photographic safaris is a tour to national parks for wildlife viewing and photographing.

    Film safaris include travel to exclusive wildlife areas and wilderness places to watch wildlife, nature, scenery geographical places and national parks.

    Film safari accommodation can be private safari lodges, luxury tented camps, mobile luxury tented camps, camping safaris and even budget camping safaris.

    Comfortable and enjoyable Tanzania camping safaris, check it.

    Euro Traveller UK - Travel Information and Advice for Europe.

    Kilimanjaro photos are images taken from Mount Kilimanjaro and offers enjoyment. It include volcano pictures, wild plants, flowers, forest, wildlife and kilimanjaro snow.

    Wildlife safari photographic tour offers best experience when tourists organize private safaris exclusive and enjoy maximum wildlife.

    Unique features in serengeti is wildebeest migration, Kopjes, endless plains, lions hunting, black rhinocerous and giraffes.

    Bird watching and walking safaris is not to ignore and also scenery like rift valley, Volcano craters in Ngorongoro and lakes.

    Camping safaris in Tanzania.

    Camping safaris is a high quality accommodation in Tanzania tourist destinations like national parks of serengeti, tarangire and ngorongoro crater.

    Luxury camping safaris, luxury tented camping safaris and budget camping safaris. Budget travel package on basic camping tents is comfort and enjoyable.

    Budget camping safari tour is cheap and affordable.

    Tanzania camping safari, budget camping safaris and Luxury tented camping safaris.

    Photographers Directory by PhotoLinks

    For Wildlife safaris in Tanzania inquire now.

    Budget travel packages on camping safaris and Lodge safaris.

    Tanzania safaris 7 days and game drives 4 x 4


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    Sunday, April 8, 2012

    Budget Camping safaris Tanzania 7 days tour

    Budget Tanzania Camping Safaris.

    Budget Tanzania camping safaris are among the most popular options for visitors who want to explore Tanzania’s many game parks and conservation areas.

    Tanzania safaris on the same circuit of national parks and game reserves non comparable on quality and guests get to feel like adventure by camping in beautiful wilderland, savanna, safari bushes.

    Basic eco Camping safaris are a rewarding experience because visitors feel real nature and participating in a real African adventure tours, but still have all the benefits and comforts of safari drivers, guides, and a cook to take care of all their needs.

    Tanzania Budget camping safaris were originally organized for hunting and outdoor travel in medieval times and we have adapted this style of safari to cater for people whose interest is in watching or photographic African Wildlife safaris, bird watching, chimpanzee trekking, gorilla tracking scenery and people.

    Kilimanjaro Travel Adventure Safaris Ltd provides the highest level of comfort to enjoy Tanzania safaris and ecotourism with the bush and the sounds of the African night like bird sounds.

    Budget Camping in Tanzania National parks is one of African Safari experience. Sitting around an open camp fire with the southern skies bright over head is the real way of appreciating Africa's magic. There are campsites everywhere and camping facilitates in all our safari itineraries, to any park or wilderness area in Tanzania.

    Tanzania Safaris and budget camping safaris
    Budget Camping is best way to save money and enjoy African safaris, but it could also be the cheapest way to visit the great national parks of East Africa. Joining a budget Tanzania safari is a great experience by itself!

    Tanzania safaris are comfort for any person who enjoys camping and or outdoor activities. Itineraries are of a international standard and visit all national parks and areas of interest. We use good quality 4x4 land rovers and land cruisers with viewing roof hatches. Our Safari driver/guides have good knowledge of places, national parks, fauna and flora. Camping trips are accompanied by a Safari cook who prepares delicious meals, coffee, tea daily. Camp assistants may be available on certain safaris according to the number of participating clients.

    Accommodation is mostly in contemporary large tents with a sewn-in ground sheet, with a comfortable foam mattress spread on the ground sheet (clients bring their own sleeping bags or we can provide the clients with sleeping bags). Tourists Enters to the tent while standing, chairs and table are provided.

    The campsites are public national parks campsites, which have flush toilets and hot showers. They have a "clubhouse" where you dine, and sometimes there is evening entertainment.
    Travelers personal equipments includes: -Sleeping Bags, Headlight flash torch, Binoculars, Sun Tan Lotion, Cream Sun Glasses, insect repellant, Cap / Hat, safari clothes and casual wear.
    Being a relatively tasty product in the Tanzania tourism circuit, Budget Camping Safari is the ideal way to rough it up with a guarantee of enjoying what goes with the other luxuries options.

    This type of Safari always goes with Four-wheel drive safari vehicle that pulls a trailer .It is a comfortable vehicle, well adapted to the Tanzanian roads leading to various parks. It has the power to pull with ease the attached trailer, thus arriving at every destination within the required time.

    Upon arrival at a Public Campsite, our experienced staffs normally spend some moments pitching the tents. This paves way for the cook to start preparing the next meal. With the presence of the public Washroom facilities, the client get the opportunity to take a shower, change their dressing,, thus freshen up and get ready for the evening.

    During Dinner you enjoy the evening breeze as you marvel at the beauty of the open star-lit skies.
    They have a mesh on each window that keeps off any insects. With the application of some insecticide an hour before you go in for your sleep, you are assured that not even a single bug will be a bother during your soft night sleep.
    In short, budget Camping goes with all sorts of terminology, However Adventure is the name associated with this style of doing Safaris. Coming close to Nature is the sense so achieved. It is fascinating. It is awe-inspiring. It is moving.
    Practically, below are all components involved in our Camping safaris:

    Safari game drives
    Safari 4x4 vehicle with pop-up roof is used for the safari. The cook does join the clients in the some vehicles.
    Game drives is a wildlife viewing tours in the national parks or game reserves by using 4WD cars like landrovers and landcruisers.
    In some cases, Another Supplier car is provided to carry all camping equipment and foodstuffs. It depends on number of tourists.

    Camping safari Meals:
    • Three meals a day prepared by a safari special cook.
    • These meals are served in a small Mess Tent equipped with a dinning table and folding stools.

    More details on Budget camping safaris booking online or inquire.

    Cheap travel packages are available on backpackers lodge safari, budget camping safaris, cheap climbing mount kilimanjaro, wildlife safaris, african safaris, vacation holidays, luxury camping safaris and travel deals.

    Budget camping safaris for 5 days is a tour to visit National parks of lake manyara, serengeti and ngorongoro crater.

    Tanzania budget camping safari in 6 days will include ngorongoro conservation area, ngorongoro crater, serengeti, lake manyara and tarangire national park.

    Tourism Activities like cultural tourism, walking safaris, hiking, nature trekking,bird watching, eco tours  in Ngorongoro highlands within ngorongoro conservation area will be included if a 7 days tour is booked.The 7 days tanzania budget camping safari is most ideal of african safari whereby culture, nature and wildlife are considered. Cultural tourism is a tour to visit maasai villages, see maasai bomas and experience local people life.

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