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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

African wildlife safari 7 days - Tanzania destination




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Wildlife safari tours information,climb kilimanjaro in Tanzania

African safaris and Tanzania wildlife as a tourist destination.

African safaris wilderness National Parks and Conservation areas information. When going to Africa for wildlife viewing tours or any other vacation holiday activities you have to choose the tourist destination that will meet your desire by great percent and fullful your dreams. Many countries in Africa have National Parks, but not all countries whereby these tourist destinations like National parks are well known. So if they are less known means less tourists hence not discovered.

When you plan to travel to Africa, think of less travelled countries like Tanzania. Tanzania is full of wonderful tourist destinations rich in stunning geographical features which hosts these wild animals. These Geographical features are like Lakes, Rivers, Beaches, Mountains, plains, volcanoes and more of you.

These Geographical features embrace National Parks, Game Reserves, Mountains Forests which is a home to wild animals, birds, reptiles.

Travelling across the World to another continent you get chances to see scenic areas and take photos. Sometimes you may want to design customised photographic safaris or film making journey for commercial or Family use.

Safari Lodges and Hotels in Tanzania are built in local materials to blend natural environment and also finished inside the room with some Western fittings and Furniture. These forms accommodation of various budget from backpackers, budget hotels, moderate lodges and luxury lodges. All accommodation categories are comfortable and well services.

Camping safari is another great option, camping involves sleeping in tents. When doing camping safari you travel with cook.

Now, I would like to explain in nutshell few most famous areas for wildlife tours,balloon safaris, bird watching, and cultural tourism.

Going for this adventure wildlife safari tour and get satisfied you need some 5 days to 10 days depending on your time allowance and budget.
I hope this detail will give you some initial information about Tanzania wildlife safari tour. Don’t forget to see our photos from various destinations like Zanzibar Island Beach, Mafia island, Selous game reserve, Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro and more...

You will depart Arusha town at 8:00am heading Lake Manyara National Park. You will travel for 120km on tarmac road to reach the Lake Manyara National Park entrance gate. The Lake Manyara is renowned for its wonderful tree climbing lions, lots of elephants per square kilometer, giraffes, leopards, Olive baboons and lots of other small and big mammals. The park has a lot of birds species (more the 300 species of birds recorded) with lots of both lesser and greater flamingoes, pelicans, storks and other water bird surrounding the lake. In the streams of rivers feeding the lake there are lots of hippopotamus staying dormant during the day time escaping the heat of the day. The park has an area of 330 square kilometers of which about two third is the lake itself and the other one third is terrestrial land covered by forest, acacia woodland and grasslands by the lake shore, and during the game drive you will pass through all these vegetation types. When you depart Arusha you will take picnic lunch boxes with you and you will have your lunch at one of the picnic sites inside the Lake Manyara National Park. In the evening you will leave Lake Manyara National Park and check in at one of the following; Lake Manyara Tree top lodge, Lake Manyara Serena Lodge, Lake Manyara Hotel or Camp site for your dinner and overnight.

After breakfast you will depart heading to Serengeti National Park. You will pass through Ngorongoro Conservation Area to reach the Serengeti National Park. Leaving the Ngorongoro highlands behind you will enter the Southern plains of the Serengeti National Park where your eyes will have an opportunity to see up to its limits as you will be viewing the endless plains with lots of animals. Actually the name Serengeti is the corruption of the Maasai word Siringeti which means endless plains. Serengeti is one of the most famous wildlife areas in the world with an area of over 14,000 square kilometers. Serengeti is the home of millions of small and big animals with all big five mammals, over 500 bird species, crocodiles in the Grumeti river other reptiles such as tortoises and snakes. Serengeti has a very beautiful land scape. Apart from variations in vegetations and animal species, there are rolling hills and massive granite rock outcrops (kopjes) which can be up to 20m high. On top of the kopjes animals such as lions, leopards and hyraxes like to rest and give a chance of taking remarkable photos. Serengeti is the home to about 1.4 million wildebeest which do participate in famous migration together with zebras, Thompson and Grant gazelles, and the elands. These animals do migrate annually from the short grass plains of the southern Serengeti exploring the whole park and then cross the Mara River in the north and enter in Maasai Mara game reserve and then back to Serengeti. During your stay in Serengeti there is a very big possibility to see these animals in their journey together with hundreds of predators which usually get a better opportunity of hunting them. On your arrival at the Serengeti you will continue with the game drive before check in at one of the following for lunch; Kleins Camp, Serengeti Serena Lodge, Serengeti Sopa Lodge, Seronera wildlife Lodge. Note that if you choose to stay in the Kleins Camp or do Budget Camping you will have to leave the lodge in Manyara with the picnic lunch boxes and take your lunch in a picnic site inside Serengeti. After lunch you will continue with the game drive under the guidance of our professional Tour Guide.

After breakfast you will depart the lodge/camp site heading to Ngorongoro Conservation Area with a short stop over at the Olduvai Gorge where the cradle/origin of human being has been discovered and reserved there. You will be doing game drive as you will be leaving the Serengeti National Park. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area covers an area of about 8300 square kilometers and is dedicated for wildlife conservation and pastoralism done by the indigenous Maasai people. There is nothing to compare with the beauty of the NGORONGORO CRATER which is the eighth wonder of the world. It covers an area of 260 square kilometers and you will have to descend for 610 meters to reach its floor which is one of the most densely crowded game park in the world including the endangered (last/few remained) black rhinoceros. Actually the Ngorongoro crater is the caldera although its popularly known as the Crater. There are also lots of other small and big mammals including hyenas, jackals, zebras, mongoose, baboons to mention just a few. The crater is also very rich in bird life with over 400 species recorded with lots of bird of prey such as vultures and eagles. The Ngorongoro crater floor is made up of swamps, rivers, lake, grassland, woodland and a forest. On the other hand the Ngorongoro Conservation Area has a lot of other breathtaking scenery such as shifting sands, the famous volcanic active Oldonyo Lengai Mountain and other unique craters such as Olmoti and Empakai. It is also the home to the proud and colorful indigenous people from the Maasai tribe, one of the tribes which has maintained its culture and traditions intact in spite of the changes brought by Globalization. The area is also important in terms of archaeology as it host the Olduvai Gorge. On your arrival at the Ngorongoro Conservation area you will have a panoramic view of the Ngorongoro Crater before check in for dinner and overnight in either Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Ngorongoro Serena Lodge, Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge, Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge or Camp site for Camping.

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Other great tourist destinations are Mount Kilimanjaro, Selous game reserve, Ruaha National Park, Zanzibar Island and Mafia Island.

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